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The Plaintext Players

Die Plaintext Players sind eine Gruppe von Schauspieler-Autoren, die textbasierte Theateraufführungen im Internet realisieren.
"The Plaintext Players are a group of artists, writers, and performers who have been creating live, online theater since 1994. These performances are directed textual improvisations that take off from written scenarios. Six series of performances and a number of related projects have been inaugurated since the Plaintext Players were founded."

"The Plaintext Players perform online, but performances are also seen offline via live projection. They have presented shows at venues in the United States and Europe, including documenta X, the Venice Biennale, Postmasters Gallery (New York), the Sandra Gering Gallery (New York), the Xavier Lopez Gallery (London), the 1995 Digital Salon (New York), and the 1995 European Media Arts Festival (EMAF) a.o.

Under the direction of Antoinette LaFarge, also known as Digital.Director, the performers improvise complex dramas based on scripted scenarios. For each series, LaFarge develops the themes, writes the scenarios (one for each performance), finds and casts the performers, and directs the performances in real time. Her goal in guiding the ensemble work is to provide the combination of elements (...) that will set the performers free to improvise at a high level of inventiveness. The resulting performance texts are artistically rich both as literature and as performance, and they defy any simple classification."
Toywar - Note: this is just the beginning!

This website is about the legendary court battle over the aggressive takeover of the famous and multi awarded net art brand "" (since 1995) by the american toy retailer (since 1997).

Aus einer Pressemeldung vom 26.12.99:
"since the state court in L.A. signed the decision (which says that etoy is not allowed to operate its legendary web site under the name till the court decides on a final base) more than 200 resistance web sites and protest pages popped up around the globe. during the last three weeks this battle became one of the biggest movements for freedom of expression and equal rights for art and commerce on the internet. many celebrities from the art world, music scene, university professors, even movie stars and politicians prepare for a huge campaign against the abuse of the law in this and many other cases. the movement is based on about 4000 users and net activists and every day many hundred people line up behind etoy for the right to decide if we sell the digital territory to a corporate giant or not and if so to what conditions."

" is an info channel, a temporary installation to provide minimal background information (etoy.NEWS etc.)... its purpose is to collect email addresses of people willing to protest against the e-commerce giant eToys Inc."
"The etoy.AGENTS are preparing to launch a web based action entertainment environment for the upcoming digital riots."

Leider wurde auch die Website der Gruppe Electronic Disturbance Theater gesperrt, die ein digitales Sit-In gegen den Spielwaren-Distributor eToys organisiert hatte.
Magazin der Netzkultur

Sehr informatives zweisprachiges Online-Magazin zur Netzkultur. Neben Artikeln und Berichten zu aktuellen Themen wie "TOYWAR" (s.o.), Y2K, Verschlüsselung, Pornografiedebatte finden sich auf Telepolis Essays zur Netz- und Medienkunst, Film- und Buchkritiken, Stellungnahmen zu allgemeinen gesellschaftlichen, politischen Belangen, Links zu .